aj_graves (aj_graves) wrote,

Just saw Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS, starring Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, James Marsden, Parker Posey, and Kate Bosworth's Forehead.

It was... actually pretty good. Considering how badly Ebert textually-bitch-slapped the film I expected worse, but it was a good clever Superman story complete with enough throwbacks to the older films for we nerds.

Routh is way too young for the role, but he makes a damn fine Clark Kent. When he's in the newsroom all nerded up it appears he is CHANNELLING Christopher Reeve. He's got the mannerisms down pat. So thats cool.

Can't complain about Spacey either... really, a lot of people could have pulled off this role, but he doesn't do a bad job. Don't ask me why Kumar is his side-kick.

Kate Bosworth's Forehead is, as expected, disappointing. She didn't manage to thrash the credibility of the whole picture (like Katie Holmes in BATMAN BEGINS), but it still makes absolutely no sense why Supes would give a damn about her. Routh and Forehead have no chemistry whatsoever and Lane is a bitchy smoker cunt.

That being said, there are cool bits to this film. Subtle shots that mimic Supes as the god Atlas, fitting in with a Luthor speech about gods in red capes. And the double-usage of the old Marlon Brando Jor-El speech almost made me tear up, so thats a tasteful choice. So was dedicating the entire film to Christopher Reeve and his also-late wife.

Overall: SUPERMAN RETURNS is worth watching once. Brandon Routh's chin was perhaps genetically engineered to look exactly like Supermans. Bosworth's Forehead was perhaps genetically engineered to support several condominiums for the homeless.

Last note: Sweet jesus FUCK why are there no women who can act? Streep cant do every role, get outside with a shovel and dig up some goddamned TALENT, ladies.
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